Nibal Nayef, Ph.D.
Valconum / L3i lab
Computer Science
University of La Rochelle

Avenue Michel Crépeau, 17042 La Rochelle Cedex 1, France

Nibal Nayef works currently as a post-doc researcher at the L3i Lab at the computer science department, university of La Rochelle in France. She works on multiple projects: "quality assessment and quality enhancement of mobile captured documents", "vehicle and license plate spotting and recognition" and on "logo and information spotting". She is an experienced grant proposal writer.
Nibal Nayef has a Ph.D. in computer science (2012) from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. She was a member of the IUPR (Image Understanding and Pattern Recognition) research group there, where she worked on geometric-based symbol spotting, feature grouping and textureless object recognition.
She has a master degree in computer engineering (2007) from the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), and a bachelor degree in computer engineering (2003) from the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), where she also worked as a teaching and research assistant (2003-2004).
Her research interests are in scene analysis and interpretation, texture-less shape recognition in context of line drawings, multimedia information retrieval, image quality assessment and enhancement and natural language processing.

Research Topics Investigated, Current and Future Interests
  • Object recognition and tracking
  • Scene analysis and interpretation: text, logos, signs, objects
  • Document image analysis: both camera captured and scanned
  • Multimedia information retrieval
  • Hand gesture / sign language recognition in images and videos
  • Automated analysis of line drawings
  • Geometric matching
  • Statistical grouping
  • Image quality assessment
  • Image quality enhancement
  • Sparse representations
  • Sign language recognition
Selected Publications

Nibal Nayef, Jean-Marc Ogier, “Metric-based No-reference Quality Assessment of Heterogeneous Document Images”, SPIE-DRR, 2015.

Nibal Nayef, Petra Gomez-Krämer and Jean-Marc Ogier. “Deblurring of Document Images Based on Sparse Representations Enhanced by Non-local Means”, ICPR 2014.

Nibal Nayef, Joseph Chazalon, Petra Gomez-Krämer and Jean-Marc Ogier. “Efficient Example-based Super-Resolution of Single Text Images Based on Selective Patch Processing”, DAS 2014.

Nibal Nayef, Wonmin Byeon and Thomas M. Breuel, "Towards Searchable Line Drawings, a Content-based Symbol Retrieval Approach with Variable Query Complexity", GREC, 2013.

Nibal Nayef and Thomas M. Breuel, "Efficient Symbol Retrieval by Building a Symbol Index from a Collection of Line Drawings", SPIE-DRR, 2013.

Nibal Nayef and Thomas M. Breuel, "Combining Geometric Matching with SVM to Improve Symbol Spotting", SPIE-DRR, 2013. 

Nibal Nayef, Muhammad Zeshan Afzal and Thomas Breuel, "Learning Feature Weights of Symbols, with Application to Symbol Spotting", ICPR, 2012.

Nibal Nayef and Thomas M. Breuel, "Statistical Grouping For Segmenting Symbols Parts From Line Drawings, with Application To Symbol Spotting", ICDAR, 2011.

Nibal Nayef and Thomas M. Breuel, "Building a Symbol Library from Technical Drawings by Identifying Repeating Patterns", GREC, 2011.

Nibal Nayef and Thomas M. Breuel, "On the Use of Geometric Matching for Both: Isolated Symbol Recognition and Symbol Spotting", GREC, 2011.

Nibal Nayef and Thomas M. Breuel, “Graphical Symbol Retrieval Using a Branch and Bound Algorithm”, ICIP, 2010. (the paper's abstract was also accepted in DAS 2010).

Viet Phuong Le, Nibal Nayef, Muriel Visani, Jean-Marc Ogier, Cao De Tran, “Document Retrieval based on Logo Spotting using Key-point Matching”, ICPR 2014.

Mohammed Alrousan, Omar Aljarrah and Nibal Nayef, “Neural Networks Based Recognition System for Isolated Arabic Sign Language”, 3rd International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT), 2007.

Courses taught as instructor (at UCAS):
  • Object oriented programming (Spring 08)
  • Introduction to computers (Fall 07/08)
Teaching Assistant in the following courses:
  • Image processing and image understanding (Spring 2011) - at TU Kaiserslautern
  • Data structures and algorithms (Fall 03/04) - at IUG
  • Internet Technology (Fall 03/04) - at IUG
  • Distributed systems (Spring 04) - at IUG
  • Discrete mathematics (Fall 03/04) - at IUG
  • VHDL and micro programming (Fall 03/04) - at IUG
  • programming II (Spring 04) - at IUG
  • Introduction to computers (Spring 04) - at IUG
Hobbies and Interests
Hiking, Traveling, Reading, Movies, Photography, Learning foreign languages.