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The following web page contains a link to the main data set I used in my PhD research in symbol spotting and retrieval:
Plus a number of other datasets that can be really useful for graphics recognition research.

The following papers explain how this dataset was generated:
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More datasets in:

2- I have also scanned some electronic line drawings from a book, here is one example: image
I used this dataset in my ICIP-2010 paper "“Graphical Symbol Retrieval Using a Branch and Bound Algorithm”. If you are interested in getting the rest of images, please contact me.

Symbol Recognition Contests
a symbol recognition contest is held every 2 years, in conjunction with the graphics recognition conference (GREC), the contests are great source for datasets that are public and standard (acceptable by the graphics recognition community). The following are links to some of those contests: (the others have broken links).


The important thing about the latest contest (2011) is that it included spotting tests (not only isolated symbol recognition tests).
I have participated in the 2011 contest, and I was the only participant, the report on this contest can be found in the GREC 2011 LNCS book proceedings. Also my paper that contains the details of the method I used for recognition and spotting to participate in this contest. (the paper is: "On the Use of Geometric Matching for Both: Isolated Symbol Recognition and Symbol Spotting", GREC 2011).

Evaluation frameworks

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